Delgado & Some Guys Distilling Company

Why did we start?

Owner, Marcus Delgado, brought together some guys who all shared a love of good liquor. These guys also believed that the spirits market is ready for new and better products. With those foundational beliefs, D&S was born. 

How are we different?

Made-from-Scratch: Sadly, in today's distilling industry, a large portion of the products available to consumers are actually GNS (Grain Neutral Spirit) or other bulk spirit options. That means that the distillery named on the bottle of your favorite product probably isn't the distillery that actually produced it. Instead, it was produced by a mass production distillery and then sold to and bottled by the distillery on the label. Some distilleries will take the bulk product and run it through their own still to try to give it a more unique flavor, but at D&S, we just don't think that's good enough. That's why we produce all of our products in house. We purchase the raw ingredients, cook and ferment them, then distill the mash, bottle, label, and ship all under one roof. The end result is a delicious spirit that you can't get from any other distillery.

USDA Organic: As if making spirits from scratch wasn't hard enough, we went a step further and were certified Organic. We believe the ingredients matter, which in turn means how those ingredients were grown, harvested, and milled matter too. Because of that, we are an Organic, Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free distillery producing a difference you can taste.

What do we produce?

D&S opened its doors with 3 product types: Rums, Moonshine, and Vodka. Anyone who knows our distillery knows we have 2 white rums. We know that seems a little odd, but once you taste them, you will understand why. We made our rums from 2 different sugars producing completely different spirits, one floral, the other nutty. In addition to our rums, we've made a moonshine that tastes like the backwoods shine of yesteryear and the smoothest vodka you'll ever taste. But we won't stop here. We will soon be releasing a light whiskey, barrel aged rums, flavored vodka, and much more.