The D&S Unicorn

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Ready for a magically sweet drink? Put your seatbelt on. You're getting ready to whip up the D&S Unicorn!


1 oz Dam Vodka

3 oz Strawberry milk

.5 oz Cream of coconut (I use Coco Real Squeeze cream of coconut) 

Splash of Grenadine 

Sprinkles for rim of glass

Cotton candy

Martini glass

Shaker tin

Cocktail strainer



1. Rim the martini glass with sprinkles and set aside. 

2. Fill shaker with ice.

3. Pour vodka, strawberry milk, cream of coconut and grenadine in the shaker. Shake well. 

4. Using a cocktail strainer, strain mixture into the sprinkle rimmed martini glass.

5. Garnish with cotton candy on a stick long enough to sit across the top of the martini glass. Let the cotton candy dissolve into the drink. ENJOY! 


Try it and let me know what you think in the comments! More recipes coming soon.

Cheers! -Amanda

Amanda Otis, Bar Manager

Amanda Otis, Bar Manager

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